How to Find the Right Audio-Video Cables

How to Find the Right Audio-Video Cables

Audio-video systems today are truly technological marvels. Every year that passes brings about newer, higher resolution monitors and TVs, and crisper, clearer sound from speaker systems. Unfortunately, even the best system in the world is limited if you aren’t using the right accessories with it. No peripherals are more important for your home or business audio-video set up than the cords and cables you use to hook them up. You wouldn’t put weed wacker fuel into a corvette and expect it to work right, so why are you using bargain rate cables with your audio-video gear?

Connection is Key

The name of the game when transmitting audio or video data is minimizing resistance in the system. The more resistance there is, the lower quality product you’ll receive on the other end. The best way to ensure you have the minimal possible resistance with your cables is to invest in options with gold-plated connectors. Gold has very low electrical resistance so it offers the best results.

Poor Conductivity has Consequences

You need to protect data transmission at the connection points, but you also need it to be sent clearly down the wire. As a simple and general rule, the thicker the cable you use the better transmission you will receive for high-quality signals. A reliable oxygen-free, multi-stranded copper cable is your ideal choice for any cables in your audio-video system. It will keep the highest fidelity possible every time.

Shielding is for Showtime

Ensuring that your data is being transmitted with minimal resistance is important, but it’s also absolutely vital that you keep outside sources of electromagnetism from getting in the way and distorting your signal. While any cable worth its salt will have insulation like a foil or braided shield, you should opt for at least two layers of protection on all your cables to get the clearest transmission.

Once you get your system set up with the best cables you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Everything is crisper, cleaner and simply better with high quality cables. If you’ve got a system which needs wiring, opt for the best now so you don’t regret it later.

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