Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring protects you, your family, and/or your business by ensuring someone is notified when there is a fire.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Saves Lives and Money!

Home fire detection equipment is incredibly important.  The average homeowner does not routinely check to make sure all fire alarms are working at all times.  While non-monitored smoke alarms can be useful in providing an early warning to residents that there is a fire, you may not necessarily be home when a fire starts.  Or, for various reasons, you may not be alert enough to react and call for help (yes, heavy sleepers may not hear the smoke detectors making noise!) if a fire has started.  Because of this, it is important to have your fire detection equipment monitored 24/7, and when it is integrated with your home security and surveillance system, even better!

How Fire Alarm Monitoring Works

How Fire Alarm Monitoring Works

When your smoke detector goes off, it is to notify you so that you can get out safely. Non-monitored smoke detectors do not alert the authorities that there is a problem.  For this reason, professionally monitored smoke alarms and/or heat detectors should be in every home and business. Monitored smoke detectors are connected and integrated into a central system that notifies the fire department when your smoke and heat detectors are triggered.  Fire department notification of a trigger is completely automated so that you never have to worry that you will be too late to notify them.  This can prevent tremendous financial loss and, most importantly, save lives.