Badge Reader System

Badge reader systems keep your business, employees, and assets safe and secure at all times.

Badge Reader Systems Increase Safety & Security

At Next Level, we have decades of industry experience and can assist your with all of your badge reader system needs. Controlling access is important but it needs to be efficient to manage and effective in providing the security you need.  Today, there are many different wireless and wired badge reader systems that allow you to know who is entering and exiting your facility, and keeps a record including date, time, and specific location. Using state-of-the-art badge reader technology including proximity card readers, smart card reader technologies, proximity readers, portrait badges, you have complete control over who has access to your facility.


Integrated Badge Reader Systems

Integrated Badge Reader Systems

A high-quality badge reader system should be fast in its transmission of credentials to determine of access will be authorized. When professionally installed, your badge reader system can be integrated with your security system, surveillance system, and smart door lock system so that activities such as entry and exit are tracked, images are captured when the badge reader is scanned, and the door quickly opens or remains locked as determined by the badge reader. At Next Level, our experienced team will help you determine what access control equipment, software, and other system components you need to achieve your security goals.