Why Surround Sound Will Improve Your Audio Experience

Why Surround Sound Will Improve Your Audio Experience

When you want the true movie theater experience in your home, the only way to achieve it is with surround sound.  You can install a huge television or projector and screen, get comfortable movie theater seating, movie theater popcorn, the lights can dim, but in the end it won’t be like you are at the movie theater unless you have surround sound.

Surround sound is what draws you into the story and makes your movie experience immersive.  Sound engineers carefully design movies to be able to reproduce that movie theater sound.  It can really sound like a airplane is flying overhead from left to right, it can really sound like a bomb went off behind you, it can really sound like the rain is falling all around you.  When you feel like you are in it and not just observing it, then you have had a true movie experience.  A television with speakers is only going to provide sound coming from right in front of you so it cannot deliver that same experience.

Not only it is important to have surround sound if you want to improve your audio experience, it is important that it is professional designed and installed.  This is because there are many different surround sound products on the market but they do not all have the same features or quality.  An experienced audio/video installer can point you towards quality equipment and help design exactly where your surround sound speakers should be placed in your unique room.  Further, an audio/video installer can flush-mount speakers or other components so that they don’t stick out like an eyesore.  All of the cords and wires will be hidden so that there are no distractions – only excellent audio.  When you want to enhance your home audio experience, residential surround sound is the way to go.

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