Update Your Access Control to Protect Your Business

Update Your Access Control to Protect Your Business

Update Your Access Control to Protect Your Business

Controlling access to your vital business assets and information is possible with a modern access control system. You can keep detailed records of employee and visitor movements with the right setup.

Provide Access Control at the Front Desk

Your front desk personnel should be provided with an access control system that is easy to operate. You can even offload some of the work to your visitors by requiring self-registration at a kiosk.

Badges for Employees, Vendors and Visitors

The key to an access control system is (almost literally) an ID badge. Photo ID badges can be economically printed for employees and visitors alike. If a badge is lost it can be deactivated as soon as this is known. Photo ID badges also foster name recognition between employees and visitors. A visitor badge should be printed in a different, recognizable style so that employees are aware of their different status at a glance.

Install Readers at Critical Entrances

Maintaining compliance for data centers and other critical areas requires that you maintain access logs. These logs can be automatically maintained when you install badge readers at entrances and require that all employees and visitors scan them on the way in.

Maintain Time and Attendance Records

Integrating time clocks with your employee ID badges solves a number of problems related to both time and attendance and building access. Employees are sometimes prone to “surfing” in behind other employees who have already opened access doors, and time clocks can easily be punched by other employees who are clocking in fraudulently on behalf of others. But photo ID badges are kept with employees at all times, especially when they double as the key to the building, with the result that time clock fraud is much more difficult to pull off.

A modern access control system has multiple benefits. By installing one you’ll be protecting your company assets, building, and employees.

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