Shure Audio

Shure Incorporated is widely acknowledged as the world's leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics.

About Shure Audio

Excellence in Audio

Shure has a long and robust history of innovation and excellence in microphones and audio electronics that began in 1925.  Shure’s microphone and audio electronics have been used in commercial applications for many years.  In the 1940 Shure supplied the United States armed forces with microphones and then in the 1960s Shure developed the first portable total sound system which included a mixer, power amplifier, and loudspeakers.  They went on to create a patented home theater sound system in the 1980s and continue to innovate today, making their products some of the most trusted audio products worldwide.

Shure has an extensive selection of microphones and audio electronics including microphones, wireless systems, earphones, headphones, personal monitor systems, discussion systems, software, mixers and DSPs, phonos, and accessories.  Shure is used in many commercial applications and particularly and broadcast and media production.  Shure’s Axient® Wireless Management Network is designed for use in some of the most demanding applications – live award shows, halftime specials, live performances, etc.  Axient’s components will continuously monitor, evaluate, prioritize, queue, and assign compatible UHF frequencies and they are completely networkable.

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