QSC, LLC is a globally recognized leader in professional audio. We offer high performance, high value solutions based on our expertise in power amplifier, loudspeaker and digital signal processing technologies. Every day, QSC products meet the demanding requirements of audio professionals in major concert, installation, and portable applications worldwide.


About QSC

QSC is an audio/video system manufacturer that has been in existence for almost 50 years.They are driven by a mission to “be the leading and most trusted provider of high quality professional audio/video systems worldwide.” QSC designs excellent audio/video components for a variety of commercial applications including systems solutions, corporate AV, hospitality, performance venues, education, government, transportation, HOW (House of Worship), sports venues, and more.

QSC has a wide range of audio/video components including power amplification, loudspeakers, digital signal processing (DSP), and digital mixer engineering resources. Their commercial audio/video products are categorized in 3 ways: live sound, systems, and cinema. QSC’s live sound products include professional tools, systems and solutions. Additionally, QSC’s systems solutions include things like native IT integration, scalable and adaptable design, and simplified user experiences. Finally, QSC’s cinema solutions are a blend of technology, experience and expertise in a full suite of products that will suit any theater’s needs.

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