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We are engineers first. We are passionate about developing best-in-class networking devices designed specifically for A/V and automation systems.

About Pakedge

Pakedge was founded in 2004 and has evolved to be an industry leader in designing IP-based networks.  Today, Pakedge offers a full suite of high performance networking solutions that have been designed for premium residential and commercial AV applications.  As a leader in AV networking, Pakedge designs and builds some of the higest quality devices available.  These devices feature sophisticated intelligence that optimizes and simplifiers AV networking.

Pakedge Installation

Pakedge Installation

Pakedge is comprised of engineers that are passionate about the work they do and that shows in their networking devices.  They know that homes and offices are smarter than ever and that is only increasing with time.  Because of that, Pakedge has created devices that can support and optimize dense multimedia traffic.  Their products include high-powered chipsets, wireless devices, routers, switches, power distribution, accessories and more.  Further, the Pakedge Connect+ Platform is designed to allow network devices to exchange information and share feature functionality across the entire network.  Additionally, Pakedge has created BakPak Cloud Management – a product that allows companies to save on labor overhead by simplifying and automating both maintenance and management processes.