Keep Your Family and Home Safe With a High-Tech, Customizable Surveillance System

Keep Your Family and Home Safe With a High-Tech, Customizable Surveillance System

Modern home surveillance systems are a far cry above old-fashioned security cameras. While they provide all the old features (except the grainy, barely discernable images you are used to), they bring a great deal more into the package, including full customization, high-definition video and remote viewing. The new systems just now coming on the market have seen their prices plummet recently while their options and enhancements skyrocket, so there’s never been a better time to consider them. Here’s 4 benefits cutting-edge systems now offer.

They Deter Crime

The majority of thefts may be crimes of opportunity and chance: a passing criminal sees an easy target and strikes while the iron’s hot. Studies show that homes with obvious surveillance systems are around 300% less likely to be burgled.

Evidence for the Police and Against Frivolous Lawsuits

If an incident occurs anywhere within view of the system, it’s preserved and can be reviewed by anyone you choose. Not only does this help after a crime has occurred in your neighborhood, it can prevent your suffering from today’s all-too common fake lawsuits. Strangers and even delivery persons have been caught lying in open court thanks to high-definition video from quality home surveillance systems.

Keep an Eye on Your Family From Almost Anywhere

If you have a smart device and an internet connection, you can view your cameras regardless of how far from home you are. Custom zones can be set up to watch for unusual motion, giving you real-time alerts so you can zero into the area and see what’s going on. This also allows you to keep an eye on your kids or pets while at work, on your way to a conference or on the beach.

Save Money While Gaining Security and Convenience

Besides preventing crime and lawsuits, many insurance companies offer premium reductions for homes with customizable surveillance systems. Some homeowners have seen up to a 20% savings on their insurance, meaning the systems can quickly pay for themselves just from savings on your premiums. It’s hard to justify not having one anymore!

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