Kantech Access Control

Access control systems provide businesses, commercial facilities, and industrial facilities with the safety and security that they need.  Today, there is a huge range of access control products that can be uniquely tailored and installed to meet your security needs.

About Kantech Commercial Access Control

Safe and Secure

All businesses, regardless of industry, location, or size, want their facility to be safe and secure.  Whether you only need to grant access to employees or outside guests and/or customers, you need a way to grant access that is effective and efficient.  Kantech is a company that produces integrated commercial access control technologies.  With decades of experience and knowledge, Kantech’s commercial access control solutions make it easy for your business to optimize safety and protect assets.

Kantech Commercial Access Control

Kantech Commercial Access Control

At Next Level, we can assist you in designing a commercial access control system with Kantech products make running your business easier because they integrate seamlessly with other security and operational systems.  Once designed and installed, you will have the ability to track access including location, time, and identity. This has the additional benefit of providing you the ability to verify employee punctuality.

Kantech Identity Verification 

By eliminating traditional keys (which are easily lost or duplicated), your security will be greatly improved. Utilizing Kantech, you can implement access control badges for staff and visitors with the additional option to include a photograph for visual verification. Badge privileges can be added, removed, or changed at a moments notice with Kantech’s commercial access control software.