Install a Commercial Alarm System to Protect Your Business

Install a Commercial Alarm System to Protect Your Business

Install a Commercial Alarm System to Protect Your Business

Your employees, customers, and property are all important to you. Keep them all safer by getting a customizable commercial alarm system installed. Improved security can benefit you with better morale, lower insurance, and fewer losses due to fire or theft.

Advanced Controls

Commercial alarms are different than residential systems. You may have multiple alarm zones with different requirements for offices, warehouses, and outdoor yard areas. You may also choose to give different access to different employees. Someone who may need to work weekends in the office may not need access to the warehouse, or vice-versa.

Card Key Access

With card key access you can give your employees the ability to enter precisely the areas that you want them to have. Best of all, you don’t need to go through expensive and disruptive lock changes if an employee is fired or leaves suddenly under adverse circumstances. Simply disable their individual card.

Video Surveillance

Unlike a home security situation, you may need to monitor employees just as much as you need to monitor potential intruders. Video cameras with recording capabilities allow for storage of high-resolution video to provide proof if employee conduct such as fighting or theft requires termination for cause.

Fire Monitoring

Fire is a very real risk in a commercial office or warehouse. Heat sensors and smoke detectors can help detect a fire before it becomes a total loss for the office, warehouse, and business. Knowing in what zones a fire event is occurring can also buy valuable time for the fire department.

Monitoring Services

A security system is only as good as the monitoring system behind it. Commercial monitoring ensures that if there is an event, a system breach, or damage to any components the fault is detected. An appropriate level manager and the authorities are then contacted.

A commercial security system is quite different than a home system. Make sure it’s installed and configured properly to maximize your protection.




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