Hubbel Electrical

Electrical wiring devices, wire management systems, specialized wiring products and solutions needed for the industrial, institutional and commercial.

About Hubbel

Technological Innovation

Hubbell is a global company that is known for its exceptional electrical equipment and technological innovation.  Hubbell remains focused on the technology of generating, transmitting, and utilizing electrical energy.  They not only product state-of-the-art products but are committed to the industry as a whole and work to enhance diversification of both product and market while never forgetting that ultimately, the quality of the product delivered is what matters to the end user.

Hubbell carries a wide array of products for industrial, residential, commercial, Datacom A/V, and marine.  They deliver exceptional electrical wiring devices, wire management systems, specialized wiring products, and the solutions that are needed for industrial, institutional and commercial applications.  They continue to grow in a wide array of consumer markets including telecommunications, lighting, utility, commercial, and industrial.

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