How a PDU System Can Protect Your Electronics

How a PDU System Can Protect Your Electronics

When it comes to running your business, you probably make use of a lot of electronics. From computers to networking systems and everything in between, these devices are critical to keeping your business alive and running. Naturally, you’ll want to protect these investments from becoming damaged or running inefficiently. That’s where a PDU system comes in.

Protecting Your Electronics

A power distribution unit, or PDU, is a piece of equipment that distributes electricity evenly between multiple devices at once. A PDU does not produce power—rather, it translates large amounts of electricity from a power source into smaller, safer amounts for the electronics that are plugged into it. This protects your devices from receiving too much power at once and shorting out. There are a multitude of types available with different outlets and connectors to support the many devices your business may use.

Managing Efficiency and Operations

Along with basic surge protection, some PDU systems can also be used for power monitoring, to see how your electronics are using power and where performance can be improved. Amongst the types of PDU available to monitor your equipment are:

  • Basic monitored PDUs, capable of remotely monitoring the system and complete with upgradeable firmware and an SNMP interface.
  • Switched and switched metered-by-outlet PDUs, with advanced options for controlling power usage and safely adding devices to the system.
  • Metered auto transfer switch PDUs, with redundant power options for equipment that requires less power than other devices.
  • Maintenance bypass PDUs, designed to improve uptime for your devices with a seamless transfer of UPS power to utility power.

Your business is important, and so are the electronic devices that are keeping it afloat. Protecting your electronics is simple with a PDU system to keep them safe from power surges as well as to help them operate at maximum efficiency. No matter what kind of business you’ve created, there is a PDU system available to perfectly suit your needs.

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