Easily Control Your Home From Your Smartphone With Savant’s Innovative Home Automation

Easily Control Your Home From Your Smartphone With Savant’s Innovative Home Automation

Connected devices have become standard in modern homes. Home theaters, lighting, and security systems are all being integrated by ingenious automation software, creating space-age, customized control from anywhere – inside the home or across the planet. Savant was designed for the high-end, luxury market, but recently their prices have dramatically dropped, allowing most mid-range homeowners access to their award-winning technology.

New Devices Create a Fully Custom-Controlled Home

Savant uses a unique, universal remote – or your smartphone – as the centerpiece of their systems. Partnering with many different manufacturers, you have incredibly easy control over a stunningly wide swath of your home. Savant combines with most of the top-quality, connected devices that control:

  • Home theater, entertainment and audio/visual
  • Climate via connected thermostats
  • Custom lighting, including scheduling options and changeable colors to better simulate real-world scenes
  • Security systems, video doorbells and safety sensors
  • Window shades, etc.


Ease of Use is Savant’s Breakthrough Contribution

Home automation has been promising fantastic results for years, but Savant has created a user-familiar interface. Many homeowners have been baffled by their wealth of connected devices, even so-called user-friendly controls.

Savant introduced the idea of using technology that was instantly familiar to anyone who has used a smartphone. The essence of simplicity, you can use any smart device with Android or Apple software, or use their unique remote that features a touchscreen with immediately identifiable icons. If you can identify an app and press it, you can use Savant the very first day.

Custom Installation Brings Your Home Into the Future

Savant creates their simple interface by using high-tech, proprietary servers and hardware. Behind the scenes, cutting-edge equipment creates true automation, but the equipment installation is fairly technical, requiring extensive knowledge of information technology and networking. For proper function, attractive installation, superior sound and ideal cable management, use a Savant-authorized installer in your area.

Once you’re properly set up, you’re in control of your home! With a swipe on your phone, you can enjoy entertainment from around the world, precisely control your home’s environment and see who’s at your door, whether you are at home, in a meeting or in another country.

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