Create the Perfect Home Theater with These 5 Audio and Video Products

Create the Perfect Home Theater with These 5 Audio and Video Products

A home theater is an excellent addition to any home.  Everyone loves the immersive movie theater experience – the huge screen, the amazing picture quality, the surround sound, the comfy theater seats – it is all part of the experience.  While there are certain elements of decor or very specialized features that may be unique to a few select people, generally, there are a few products that are considered staples of the perfect home theater.  Below are some of the audio and video products that we at Next Level believe are essential components of any home theater.

1. Projector & Screen

This may seem like it goes without saying but if you want to create a true theater experience in the comfort of your home you need a projector and screen.  Your screen can be fixed or it can drop-down from the ceiling.  Additionally, even if you invest in a screen you can still have a drop-down screen with a television behind it so that you have the option to watch TV on a regular television screen if you so prefer.  Professional installation is ideal to ensure you choose the right size screen, install the projector at the ideal height and distance from the screen to maximize picture quality, and so that your image quality is optimized for your unique space.

2. Television

As aforementioned, a television makes a great addition to a home theater or can serve as the primary video source if you choose not to install a projector and screen.  There are televisions in many sizes and some that are as big as a traditional projector and screen so you can still create an immersive viewing experience with a television.

3. Speakers

One of the best parts about a movie theater is the surround sound that enhances the viewing experience.  You will need a selection of speakers that have been strategically positioned throughout the room at various locations and heights, aimed in a variety of directions and discreetly installed to create that unique surround sound experience.

4. Surround Sound Receiver

You can install multiple speakers throughout the room with the intention of creating surround sound but true surround sound will not be achieved unless you have a surround sound receiver that can communicate between your DVD player and your speakers and send specific sounds to the speakers.

5. Comfortable Seating

What would a home theater be without comfortable seating?  There are many seating options specifically designed to be installed in home theaters.  They often have electronic programming that can be integrated into your home theater automation so that your seats can recline and possibly even have sound projected through them for a more complex and exciting experience.

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