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About Control4 Residential Lighting

Control4 Residential Lighting

Control4 is one of the premier companies in home automation, including residential lighting automation.  Control4’s smart home lighting options make it possible to integrate functionality and convenience with ultimate customizability of your lighting controls.  Control4 residential lighting can be integrated into your whole home automation, can work with voice activation such as Alexa or Siri, and all controls can be conveniently accessed from one device so that you do not have to go room-to-room turning on or off lights throughout the day.

Versatile options to control your home lighting

Control4 lighting solutions have a multitude of options to meet your home’s unique needs.  Choose from hard-wired lighting or wireless lighting.  Smart home lighting can be integrated into your whole home automation or you can integrate the controls any way you prefer into your home.  Further, Control4 can be professionally installed and programmed to for various “scenes” depending on what type of lighting you would prefer.

When/Then Lighting Control with Control4

When/then lighting controls simply refer to a set of commands that can be programmed into your lighting automation with Control4.  For example, you can program your lighting so that when the garage door opens the main lights turn on in your home so that you do not walk into a dark home. You can program your lighting so that when the sun sets your lighting automatically turns on or dims to a desirable setting.  With such customizable controls, your home’s energy efficiency will be dramatically improved by reducing wasted energy on unnecessary lighting.  Further, such customizability offers you the opportunity to not just functionally light your home but to set the perfect lighting aesthetic for whatever time of day, mood, or occasion for which you may need specific lighting settings.

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