Control These 4 Items With Your Home Automation Speakers

Control These 4 Items With Your Home Automation Speakers

While many people simply enjoy their voice-controlled home speakers because they can ask it silly questions, others have taken things to a new level by using these speakers to control every aspect of their home with only the sound of their voice. The new concept of a Smart Home allows individuals to connect different items and appliances around the house to their smart speaker and easily control their environment. If you’re ready to turn your house into a smart home, start by using your speaker to control these four items!


Who needs clapper lights when you can turn your lights on and off by simply telling your home speaker to do so? You can even ask your speaker to adjust the brightness in the room or change the color of the light depending on what kind of light bulbs you choose.


Have you ever wanted to change the temperature in the room without even having to lift a finger? Simply tell your smart speaker what temperature you want the room at and it’s done! You can even use your phone to adjust your home’s temperature when you’re away.


If you have any smart appliances in your home, it is likely you can control them using your voice-controlled speaker. For example, you can control your smart oven by telling it to preheat to a specific temperature, set a timer, or to stop cooking.


You’ll never need to worry about searching for your TV remote again with a home speaker to do all the work! Simply tell your speaker to search for a specific TV show on Netflix, switch to a different channel, play a movie, or quickly pause.

While it might not take that much more energy to get up and turn off your lights or change the channel by hand, there’s no denying you’ll feel powerful controlling your home using only your voice! With so many smart devices out on the market, you can have the most tech-savvy home out there.

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