Commercial Automation Streamlines your Operations and Gives You Greater Control

Commercial Automation Streamlines your Operations and Gives You Greater Control

In today’s highly competitive markets, even a small improvement in a business’ bottom line can have very attractive long-term impacts. With recent incredible advancements in commercial automation – along with a corresponding and dramatic drop in price – many companies are investing in this amazing new technology to increase their control while reducing costs.

What Is Commercial Automation?

It’s not only new technology, it’s really a new paradigm, incorporating artificial intelligence, innovative energy-saving strategies and management of working and meeting spaces to both save money and create a more enjoyable and productive environment for employees and customers. Automation can control and integrate many individual components, including

  • Audio/video, including conferencing equipment
  • Energy management and environment control
  • Lighting control, including both artificial and natural light
  • Your security and surveillance system


How Does It Work?

Commercial automation uses advanced AI to anticipate, adapt and allocate resources in a custom blend to match your needs. During setup, technicians work with your company to determine how the software will best suit your needs and tailor it to fit comfortably and seamlessly. It learns as it goes, adapting to conditions and remembering the minor adjustments you make. And it allocates heating, cooling and lighting as needed for energy savings and creature comforts.

What Does It Actually Do?

That depends on your needs! For example, in a restaurant, employees opening up will spend time adjusting lighting, televisions, music, HVAC and even raising or lowering window shades. Commercial automation does all that by pushing a button. This is a basic example; the system operates 24/7 and can control many devices, with new ones being added to the list monthly.

And This Saves Real Money?

You bet! Employees aren’t cheap and neither is energy. One government study indicated that businesses waste around 30% of their energy costs from poor environmental control. In the simplified example above, even eliminating half an hour a day would save the average business around 130 hours a year in labor costs – and that’s the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how quickly these savings will add up for you.

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