Lighting Services in Durango, CO

Wether you want to turn on a single light or control your whole home with the single push of a button, Next Level Durango can help.

About Our Lighting Services

Next Level Durango’s professional lighting installation allows you to add lightning control to your building, not matter what stage you are at. Our Durango lighting services are guaranteed to complement the beauty of any building, new or old, large or small. Turn on/off multiple rooms or the entire house with one touch of a button, have the lights turn on in the theater when the pause button is pressed, and lights can turn off automatically when the room is unoccupied.

Hands-Free Lighting

Motion sensors offer hands-free illumination and automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the room. You can even alternate lights to appear occupied while you’re away and you can even program your shades and televisions in a random fashion so it appears occupied while you’re away. Exterior lighting can even be automatically turned on and off with the sunrise and sunset. You can have perimeter lights flash if the alarm system is activated, which will draw extra attention to suspicious activity. With Control4 Smart Lighting, Next Level Durango can add voice control of your lights with Amazon Alexa enabled devices to turn on your lights when you enter your home if your hands full.

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