Bogen Communications

Bogen Communications is a leading manufacturer and designer in the field of telephone paging, public address, intercommunications, and background music.

About Bogen Communications

Bogen Communications was founded in the 1930s and is a subsidiary of Bogen Corporation which is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals.  Bogen Communications has developed a robust line of paging systems which provide solutions for every application requirement.  Regardless of the scale, Bogen Communications has a product that can benefit your application.

Bogen Communications has a diverse line of products designs to allow corporations the ability to address their paging needs. Bogen Communications has systems including single-zone systems, multi-zone systems, high-powered systems and campus-wide systems.  Bogen Communications has also designed what they call their “Engineered Systems” line of business which enables effective paging and communication for school intercoms, signaling, and media control.

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