Berk-Tek manufactures all the latest category cabling with product offerings ranging from Category 6A to Category 5e and everything in between.

About Berk-Tek

Advanced Fiber Optics

Commercial audio/video, technology, and automation applications require innovative, advanced, high-quality cabling and that is exactly what Berk-Tek provides.  Berk-Tek is an industry-leading manufacturer of cabling that delivers exceptional products that help you develop the best infrastructure possible.  They carefully research and develop all of their products and then, combining technology and manufacturing expertise, deliver products that are guaranteed to perform.

Berk-Tek carries both copper and fiber cabling options to meet the needs of their clients.  They offer loose tube and tight buffered fiber optic cables as well as loose tube and tight buffered fiber optic cables.  Their high-tech cabling is ideal for use in a variety of applications including data centers, campus LAN environments, and more.  Their comprehensive product array includes over 100 different network cable products including standard cables and specialized cables to meet any customer’s needs.

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