A Smart Thermostat Puts You in Control of Your HVAC System

A Smart Thermostat Puts You in Control of Your HVAC System

We’re surrounded by smart devices these days; our smartphones are almost a part of us and it’s hard to remember the ancient days when we weren’t constantly connected. Possibly the quintessential piece of smart technology in the internet-of-things is the smart thermostat, a connected device that allows hands-on – or off! – control of your environment.

The Beginnings of Smart Control

As the internet became ubiquitous, engineers realized that connecting all sorts of common devices could bring customization and control that had existed only in the minds of science fiction writers a few years ago. By 2013, most Americans owned smartphones and the opportunities for innovative development exploded.

Smart thermostats were among the first common devices. They grew organically from programmable thermostats, offering the same features but with many new ones added. They rapidly became even more feature-rich and dropped in price to the point where virtually anyone can afford them; indeed, they now usually quickly pay for themselves in energy savings and convenience.

The Amazing Features of Modern Smart Thermostats

Engineers being engineers, they weren’t satisfied with a better device; they wanted all the bells and whistles in one package. Some of the main benefits of today’s smart thermostats include

  • Remote access from any connected smart device.
  • Built-in firmware that is simple to use and saves energy.
  • Incredible new features including machine learning and minute-by-minute system monitoring.


You can access your smart thermostat from anywhere in – or orbiting around – the world if you have an internet connection. Never worry again about ruining a vacation by having left the heat on! The firmware uses an intuitive, friendly interface, giving you the option of very detailed control, while also allowing those who prefer a hands-off approach to leave it up to the device. It’ll learn what you expect and how much control you want and adapt to your needs.

They also carefully monitor both system condition and energy usage. Dirty filter notifications and maintenance reminders help you avoid costly repairs, while energy-use graphs instantly show you where you can save more money without giving up any comfort. Average savings often exceed $100/year, paying for the initial cost in very little time.

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