5 Ways a Custom Video System Can Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

5 Ways a Custom Video System Can Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

From the moment a customer steps through your business doors to the moment they leave, you want them to have a positive experience.  You want to not just meet but exceed their needs and that only happens when you think about every detail of their experience.  Whether you operate a medical practice, run a home improvement store, operate a nail salon, or stock the latest fashions in your department store, your customers’ experience will be enhanced by a custom video system.  Forbes explains the effect of video on customer experience, “Customer experience, or CX is pretty much everything today…And today retailers are finding that the new competitive landscape has nothing to do with price or even product selection. Instead, winning has become all about the customer experience…Video marketing has been pegged as one of the most engaging ways to create an effective customer experience, especially when more consumers state they like watching videos…Assisting retailers with how to best leverage video advertising in places like supermarkets, Impax Media is offering solutions that can boost the overall in-store customer experience with digital video intended to draw in-store customers to their visual messaging. The company uses 32-inch high-definition screens that are mounted just above the product displays in every checkout lane, creating a dramatic “video wall” across the front end of the supermarket.” Below, we explore 5 ways a custom video system will improve your customers’ experience.

1. Music Videos

One of the simplest ways to incorporate video in your store and enhance the ambiance at the same time is to utilize music videos.  A curated selection of music videos that fit with your business’ theme and brand identity can elevate your customer’s experience.

2. Product Advertisement

Want to draw your customer’s attention to a new product, special sale, or product details?  Utilize video to advertise your brand, products, and specials and not only make shopping easier and more exciting for your customers, but boost your revenue as well!

3. Keep Customers Informed

Video monitors can be used to keep customers or patients updated about wait times, instructions to make their experience more efficient, directions about actions that need to be taken, etc.  While audio announcements are effective, the hearing impaired may not be made aware of important instructions but with video they can read and stay informed.

4. Safety Instructions

Do you operate a business that tends to have long lines, a theme park, airport, or other business where customers want to have a positive and safe experience?  Video instructions that explain and even demonstrate safety instructions help ensure people understand what they need to do to remain safe.

5. Immersive Brand Experience

Unique video marketing campaigns, graphic design, movies, music videos, and more can help the customer become truly immersed in their positive experience with your brand.  When a customer experiences an immersive brand atmosphere they are far more likely to remember your unique brand and revisit it in the future.


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