3 Reasons to Get a Control4 Home Automation System

3 Reasons to Get a Control4 Home Automation System

For those tired of forgetting to shut the garage door or having to walk from room to room turning off the lights, custom home automation is the answer. A Control4 Home automation system is user-friendly and provides many additional benefits that can improve your quality of life.

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Remotes

Which remote goes to the television and which one goes to the cable box? Did the dog hide the remote for the satellite dish again? Did the kids mess with the thermostat and turn the house into a sauna? A home automation system allows you to control various technologies all from one remote or even from a smart phone or tablet.

2. Perform Home Functions Remotely

Especially when it comes to home security, having the ability to control your home remotely can be life changing. Check video surveillance, turn on the lights in your home, close your garage door and more without having to be physically present by a box on the wall. More control means less time spent worrying about whether or not your household is safe.

3. Improve Lifestyle Efficiency

Imagine being able to program a system to open your window treatments or turn on a light when you wake up in the morning. Think about getting cozy on the couch for movie night and being able to turn on the surround sound, start the DVD player and dim the lights all from the same remote without getting up. Home automation allows you to accomplish tasks faster and with less effort.

Because the Control4 Home automation system is completely customizable, you can choose which devices and appliances the system controls. You can also have touchscreens or keypads strategically installed in your home so you don’t have to carry a remote or device around the house. Get a home automation system from Control4 installed and experience what living in luxury feels like.

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