Why Power Distribution Devices Are More Important Than Ever

Why Power Distribution Devices Are More Important Than Ever

It used to be that a home or office might have one desktop computer, a printer or fax machine to power. Back then, a simple power strip was sufficient to keep them all up and running. Today, both homes and business are much more high tech and demand adequate power to run everything from laptops and audio-visual equipment to appliances, chargers and devices. With the rise of technology has come an increasing need for power distribution devices that do more than provide a convenient place to plug in.

Efficient Distribution

The typical home has more than five phones, tablets or laptops, and that’s not including things like the thermostat, television and refrigerator. Large data centers keep the internet up and running and the global economy humming along demand enormous amounts of power distributed to hundreds or thousands of servers in a single building. With so many devices in one location requiring power, having power distribution devices capable of keeping adequate power flowing to every device has never been more important.

Surge Protection

The voltage coming out of an electrical socket can sometimes spike or surge for a variety of reasons, causing more electricity to flow into connected devices. Unfortunately, electronics are designed to run on a narrow range of voltage, which means when it increases suddenly it can cause immediate failure and long-term damage. In residential and business environments, a voltage surge could damage thousands or even millions of dollars worth of electronic equipment. That’s why power distribution devices that provide surge protection are so critical.

Remote Management

In business environments and increasingly in private homes, having remote access to power distribution devices allows managers to monitor and adjust activity from afar. Today’s new smart power distribution units are more than a place to plug in. They’re capable of monitoring and controlling how much energy is sent to specific devices, sending that information to managers at remote locations and receiving and responding to instructions from those managers.

While these power distribution devices are primarily being used in business, as smart homes continue to increase in popularity, they are likely to play a larger role in residential settings in the future.

You may not give much thought to how your electronics are powered, however having the right power distribution solution for your business or home can make a major difference. Making sure all of your electronics can be powered in a convenient and efficient location can make your space more comfortable and conducive to productivity. Surge protection can save you from having to repair and replace a large number of electronic devices and the remote management provided by smart power distribution units can give you unprecedented control over how energy is used.


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