When Is It Time To Upgrade Your TV?

When Is It Time To Upgrade Your TV?

Technology is constantly evolving and advancing.  It can feel like you buy a new piece of technology or electronics and the second you buy it a new & better version of the same product comes out.  While you may not buy the latest technology each time is is released (or maybe you do, and that is great too!) one thing that can make a big difference in your home audio/video experience is investing in a new television.  There are a lot of acronyms and technical terms – 4K, LED, 3D, OLED, HDR, 1080P – what does it all mean and do you need it?

You can determine whether or not it is time to upgrade your television by asking a few simple questions:

  • How old is my television?
  • What type of television do I typically watch?
  • What new features sound like they may enhance my viewing experience?

These are important questions to ask and generally, when you ask yourself these 3 questions you will have the answer you need to help you decide if you want to upgrade your television.  Is your television more than 3-5 years old?  If so, it is probably time to replace it.  Not only is that a long length of service for a television but odds are, television technology has advanced quite a bit in that length of time.

Next, it is a good idea to consider what type of television you typically watch.  While most people watch varied programs, some watch more movies than other.  Other people are sports fanatics and “the big game” is constantly on their television.  Other people are cinephiles watch the latest and greatest blockbusters on their televisions.  K owing what your favorite thing to watch on your TV will help you know what features you need.  For example, if you love movies and particularly the big blockbusters you may want a television with 3D capabilities so you can have the ultimate movie theater-like viewing experience.  If you love watching sports.  Additionally, if you love watching sports you may be interested in a 4K television because it will give you the clearest, most crisp images possible.

Finally, are there features you have heard about that you think might enhance your viewing experience?  If so, you may want to upgrade to enjoy those features.  As aforementioned, 4K provides the best picture quality on the market.  And, if you already have a viewing source such as an Apple 4K TV, you are not taking full advantage of it without upgrading to a 4K TV.   Also, if you have a smaller television than you would prefer you may want to upgrade to get a larger size while simultaneously taking advantage of new features such as a curved screen.

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