What You Should Know About Commercial Grade Power Strips

What You Should Know About Commercial Grade Power Strips

Today’s modern technology demands reliable and safe power supply. You are not going to go to your local store and pick up a cheap power strip to power robust technology or you will end up paying the price.  Commercial-grade power strips are important for all commercial applications and even many residential applications.  High-performance IT and audio/video technology uses a lot of power.  Commercial applications, in particular, demand uptime but without a safe and adequate power supply, uptime may be compromised.  To protect against power surges that could destroy IT and audio/video components and lead to downtime, commercial-grade power strips are the answer.

There are many potential power hazards including noise, surges, sags and swells that can lead to damage and other power problems.  Commercial-grade power strips are specifically designed to handle commercial applications that may include industrial facilities and commercial buildings but they are also ideal for residential applications in which high power IT and audio/video equipment is in use.  Today’s modern household uses a lot of power and technology and demands more reliable power now more than ever before.  It is always important that a power strip, whether standard or commercial-grade, is not overloaded.  This protects safety on many levels.

When choosing a commercial-grade power strip you want to ensure that the total watts do not exceed the rated capacity of the power strip itself.  Your commercial-grade power strip should have an internal circuit breaker and should be UL or ETL certified.  Additionally, there are GFCI models that are best for use in applications where water may be present.  Consult an experienced IT or audio/video professional that understands how to best maximize power without jeopardizing safety.

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