Take Total Control of Your Home Automation with Control4

Take Total Control of Your Home Automation with Control4

Smart home technology can sound daunting to someone who is unfamiliar with it but once properly installed can actually make your home life much easier.  We are in the IOT era – the Internet of Things era – in which all of our “things” are becoming “smart” and are Wi-Fi connection capable.  But, without professional installation of home automation, all of those things are likely operating in silos and not taken full advantage of.  We live in a connected world and now everything including our dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, washer and dryer, coffee machine, thermostat, lighting, window coverings, security system, home monitoring and more can be controlled from a smart device.  Control4 is the home automation company that is revolutionizing the space by providing products and services that, when professionally installed, are easy, efficient and cost-effective to use.

There are many home automation products available to homeowners but not all allow you to truly take control of your home automation in an easy and efficient way.  Control4 explains what sets them apart from the competition, “When designed and installed properly by a trained, knowledgeable home automation integrator, an automation system is able to perform some amazing feats. This goes for systems offered by Control4, as well as many other home automation products on the market. Where the differences between systems often lie is in the engineering of their control platforms. For example, some system may have the ability to control just about anything, but actually getting the system to do so may require extensive—and expensive—programming. Or, there may be a system that comes with a huge assortment of stunning user interfaces. This is always helpful, but if the layout and design of the control menus differ among these interfaces, you and your family may have a difficult time mastering them. To preclude issues like these, and to make automation as simple, straightforward and affordable as possible for homeowners, Control4 has implemented several innovative technologies into its systems…Thanks to Control4’s commitment to the development of integration “drivers,” more than 7,500 individual products from hundreds of different manufacturers are able to join the Control4 ecosystem, with minimal programming and engineering required of the home automation integrator. “No matter what type of electronic systems or products you have in your home, chances are we have a driver for it,” says Control4 Vice President of Lighting and Comfort, Paul Williams. This goes for everything from programmable thermostats and dimmer switches to pool and spa systems and energy monitoring devices.”  When you want to take control of your home and be able to control just about anything at the touch of a button right from your smart phone or smart device, Control4 is the tool you need.

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