Make Business Operations Easier with Automation

Make Business Operations Easier with Automation

We could talk all day about the benefits of home automation and integrating your audio, video, lighting, security, smart appliance, and other technology.  And, while it is certainly a huge advantage in residential applications, it is also extremely beneficial in commercial applications.  There are many different ways to automate common business operations which improves ease of use and efficiency.

Business Audio Automation

Regardless of whether you have a small or large business, audio automation offers many advantages.  You can automate music to play in different ‘zones,’ use your audio automation to send company-wide pages, make announcements, and more.

Business Lighting Automation

Different lighting ‘scenes’ can be created so that, at the touch of a button, lighting is perfectly set for your retail space, conference room, office or other business space.  You can set the lights to automatically dim or turn off if no motion is sensed, and control lighting remotely as needed.

Business Video & Teleconferencing Automation

Business video conference and teleconferencing is becoming more and more common as more people telecommute or need to communicate with other offices in other states or around the world.  Automated teleconferencing and video conferencing can enhance productivity, improve the video and audio quality, and eliminate confusion.

Motorized Window Treatments

If you work in a large business and have a lot of windows it is not very practical to have traditional window treatments that are not motorized.  But, even if you have installed motorized window treatments it is not practical to have hundreds of remotes floating around that control individual shades.  With business window treatment automation you can control all the windows from one device, have different settings for different times during the day, and make controlling window treatments as simple as the push of a single button.

Business Media Automation

Many businesses today integrate media into their workspace or retail space.  It is not practical or aesthetically pleasing to have different boxes and controls at each television or monitor so media automation is ideal.  You can easily distribute video and audio media to one screen, multiple screens, or all screens at the touch of a button.  You can also distribute different sources to different screens as needed.

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