Different Surveillance Cameras for Different Areas of Your Home

Different Surveillance Cameras for Different Areas of Your Home

Optimizing home security is an important safety concern for many homeowners.  There are many advantages to installing surveillance cameras inside and outside of your home.  Surveillance cameras can be used to monitor both when outside individuals visit your home and also to keep track of where your family members are inside and outside of your home if needed.  Many people think you just need a couple security cameras around the perimeter of your home’s exterior but it is actually a good idea to install different surveillance cameras with different capabilities in different areas of your home.

Professionally installed surveillance cameras can be networked together into your home automation system so that you can easily view whichever camera you want whenever you want.  But, when installing different types of surveillance cameras it can be challenging to network them all together which is why it is particularly important to invest in professional home automation.

Outside the home surveillance cameras should be placed at the front entry points.  If you have a gate it is a good idea to have a camera there as well as at your front door.  Additionally, it is a good idea to have cameras placed around the perimeter of your home so that you can view the entirety of your property.  How many cameras you need will depend on the types of cameras you choose. Some cameras are stationary while others can pivot.  Some have a wide-angle camera or enhanced nighttime capabilities (infrared) and may be able to cover more area.  Some cameras are motion activated and will only record if they sense motion while others can provide a 24 hour livestream if needed.  It can be easier to place more cameras along the exterior if you choose wireless but wired options tend to be higher quality and a better investment.

In the interior of your home security cameras are very useful for not only security should a break-in happen but for everyday life.  If you have young children or elderly individuals living in your household it can be helpful to be able to monitor them, particularly in the evening.  Security cameras can be used as part of your home automation just like a baby monitor would be used, only more sophisticated.  Consult an experienced professional to determine what types of security cameras you need, where they should be placed, and how to integrate them into your home automation.

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