A Professionally Installed Network In Your Home Will Benefit Your Daily Life

A Professionally Installed Network In Your Home Will Benefit Your Daily Life

Today we are living in the era of “The Internet of Things” aka IOT.  Not only are our computers and phones using Wi-Fi at home but so are things like our appliances, thermostats, security systems, home monitoring, lighting, and more!  When we think of having a Wi-Fi network we probably think of it as something that businesses need but, in reality, today’s modern home needs a network as well.  If you are still skeptical don’t worry, many people are.  But, having a professional install a home wireless network will actually benefit your daily life!

We have all probably experienced slow, frustrating internet at our home and now today’s demand on our home’s Wi-Fi is greater than ever with multiple devices vying for connection.  And, not only that but Wi-Fi must travel between multiple walls so if your Wi-Fi connection is on one side of the house but you are trying to use Wi-Fi on the other the connection may be sub-par.  While you could install a few wireless access points in your home to try to improve your Wi-Fi signal, without a professionally installed network it may not work properly and you could be leaving your home open to a security attack, as CNET points out, “Since the Wi-Fi signal broadcast by the access point is literally sent through the air, anybody with a Wi-Fi client can connect to it, and that might pose a serious security risk. So only approved clients can connect, the Wi-Fi network should be password-protected (or in more serious terms, encrypted).”  And, when it comes to setting up a network, it is something best left to the professionals, as Tech Home Builder points out, “Roberson and others highly recommend commercial-grade routers and switches, as most off-the-shelf routers often can’t support the number of wireless devices streaming video and other services from the Internet. Legrand recommends wireless access points (WAPs) that act as signal repeaters to be placed out of sight in attics, while still providing a reliable whole-house wireless signal. So there’s your wireless network. Why do you still need the structured wiring of Ethernet and coaxial cabling? You only need to review the Cisco predictions. A robust wireless network will support a home’s growing legion of mobile devices, but as Roberson says, “Wireless is like a pie, and you can only slice it up into so many pieces. Netflix and other video and entertainment streaming services take up to 80 percent of the bandwidth [or the size of that pie, that pipe, whatever you want to call it] in your home.”  A professionally installed network in your home will improve your daily life by enhancing the quality and reliability of your home’s Wi-Fi while also maximizing security.

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